American Revolutionary War (NA=Not Available/Sold Out)
The Americans
Commander-in-Chief's Guard George Washington NA
Colonel David Hall's Delaware Regiment Continental Line, 1780 $130
3rd Connecticut Regiment 1782 - 1783 NA
1st Continental Regiment 1776 NA
Continental Independent Rifle Companies 1775 NA
Webb's Additional Regiment, Connecticut Continental Line, 1777-1781 NA
Continental Marines 1776 NA
Continental Marines, Captain Robert Mullan's Company 1779 NA
Grenadier Company, 26th Continental Infantry 1776 NA
Haslet's Delaware Regiment 1776 NA
Georgia Continental Battalion 1779 NA
14th Continental Regiment, Marblehead Regiment 1776, Mass., also Glover's Regiment $130
2nd New Hampshire Regiment 1776 $190
3rd New York Regiment 1777 NA
4th Independent Maryland State Troops   $130
1st New Jersey Regiment 1782 NA
Captain John Lasher's New York City Grenadier Co. 1775-1776 NA
North Carolina Militia 1780 NA
2nd Pennsylvania Regiment Black Irishmen, 1778-1779 NA
2nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment 1776, with flag NA
Rhode Island Regiment 1782-1783 NA
Minute Battalion of Culpeper County, Virginia 1775-1776 NA
Virginia Continental Line, Buford 1780 NA
The French    
Fusilier, Saintonge Regiment, USA 1780-1781 $160
Grenadiers, Royal Deux Ponts Infantry Regiment   NA
The British    
16th Regiment, Light Dragoons, Dismounted Division 1777 NA
23rd Regiment, Royal Welch Fusiliers 1779 NA
Grenadiers, 33rd Regiment of Foot 1776 NA
42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot Black Watch NA
42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot, service dress Black Watch NA
The American Provincial Corps    
Highland Company, Queen's Rangers 1778 NA
The Native Americans    
Iroquois Red Jacket NA
The Germans    
Grenadiers, Brunswick Infantry Regiment Prinz Friedrich $160
Hesse-Cassel, Fusilier Regiment Von Ditfurth, 1776-1779 NA
Grenadier Company, Hesse-Hanau Infantry Regiment Erbprinz, 1776 $160

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