U.S. in Foreign Wars (NA=Not Available/Sold Out)
Spanish American War and Philippine Constabulary    
U.S. 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, The Rough Riders Cuba, 1898, with Lt. Col. T. Roosevelt NA
71st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment Cuba, 1898 $130
U.S. Marine Corps Manila Bay, Philippines, 1898 NA
Filipino Insurgents, Aguinaldo's Forces, Luzon Filipino Insurrection, 1898-1902 NA
U.S. Marine Corps Philippine Insurrection, 1899-1904 NA
U.S. Army, Macabebe Scouts, Phiippine Scouts 1900 $130
U.S. Army, Philippines Constabulary 1901 $130
Philippine Constabulary 1912-1914 NA
U.S. Army, 45th Infantry, Co. C Philippine Scouts, 1921 $130
U.S. Navy, Shore Party 1917 $130
U.S. Marine Corps Boxer Rebellion, 1900 NA
U.S. Marine Corps, Horse Marines, full dress Peking 1927 $225
U.S. Marine Corps, 4th Marine Division, winter, service dress Peking, 1935-1936 $130
U.S. Marine Corps, Horse Marines, Co. A, mounted Tientsin, 1937 $300
U.S. Marine Corps, 4th Marine Division, summer, service Shanghai, 1937 $130
Occupation of Haiti and Nicaraugua
U.S. Marine Corps, Haiti 1919 NA
U.S. Marine Corps, Nicaragua, 5th Marine Div., Horse Marines 1929 $225
Mexican Revolution    
U.S. Intervention, U.S. 7th Cavalry, Brig. Gen. Pershing Vera Cruz, 1916 $130
U.S. Intervention, U.S. Marine Corps Vera Cruz, 1914 $130
U.S. Intervention, U.S. Navy, Shore Landing Party Vera Cruz, 1914 $130
Texas-Mexico Border Protection (in 1916), Essex Troop, dress 1913-1914, 1st Sqd. Cav, N.J. Nat. Gd. NA
World War I    
U.S. Army, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division 1917, Big Red One NA
U.S. Army, 32nd Division 1918 NA
U.S. Army, 371st Infantry Regiment, 93rd Infantry Div. 1917-1919, 157th Div. French, flag NA
U.S. Marine Corps, 5th Marine Regiment 1917, France, 2 flags NA
World War II    
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis 1941, midshipmen, summer dress NA
U.S. Navy, Hawaii 1941, summer whites $130
Fita-Fita Guard, 1st Samoan Battalion 1941, Marine Corps Reserve $130
U.S. Army, Philippines 1942, Bataan NA
U.S. Marine Corps, Recruits 1942, San Diego, California $130
U.S. Navy, Philippines 1942, Manila NA
26th U.S. Cavalry Regiment, Philippine Scouts 1942, mounted NA
U.S. Army, 1st Cavalry Division 1942 $130
U.S. Coast Guard, Dog Patrol 1942, New Jersey NA
U.S. Marine Corps, 2nd Marine Division 1943, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands Hold
U.S. Marine Corps, 51st Defense Battalion 1943, Montford Point Marines $130
U.S. Army Airforce, 12th Air Force, 320th Bomb Group 1944, 442nd Bomb Squadron NA
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Div. 1945, color party, 2 flags NA
U.S. Army, 124th Cavalry, Burma 1945, Mule Skinners NA
U.S. Army, 36th Infantry Division, the "Texas Division" 1945, color party $140
Post World War II Occupation/Security    
U.S. Army Constabulary, U.S. Occupation Zone 1950, West Germany and Austria NA
U.S. Marine Corps 1951, summer dress $130
U.S. Army, 27th Infantry Regiment 1951, Wolfhounds $130
2nd U.S. Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division 1968, Big Red One, color party NA
5th Marines, U.S. Marine Corps, 2nd Battalion, Co. F 1968, Hue $130
7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Division 1965, color party $225
U.S. Marine Corps, Co. M, 3/4 1965, Phu Bai, South Vietnam $130
U.S. Marine Corps/Army - Stateside    
U.S. Marine Corps 1798-1804, full dress, flag $160
U.S. Marine Corps 1798-1804, fife and drums $150
U.S. Marine Corps 1798-1804, summer dress, flag $160
U.S. Marine Corps 1812 $130
U.S. Marine Corps 1819 $130
West Point Cadets 1822-1831 NA
West Point Cadets, Color Party with 2 flags 1822-1831 $180
U.S. Marine Corps 1834 $195
U.S. Marine Corps 1834, summer dress $195
U.S. Marine Corps 1841 NA
U.S. Marine Corps 1841, summer dress $195
U.S. Marine Corps 1847, fatigue uniform $130
U.S. Marine Corps, full dress 1880-1900 $160
U.S. Army, 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division 1949-1953, color party, Ft. Riley $140
U.S. Marine Corps, Color Party, full dress 1980 $175

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