Texas War for Independence, Texas Rangers and Indian Wars (NA=Not Available / Sold Out)
Texas War for Independence
The Alamo 1835-1836, 20 figures and 6 flags $500
The Texan Army 1835-1846, 23 figures and 10 flags NA
Batallon Matamoros 1835-1836, infantry, flag NA
Batallon Guerrero 1835-1836, Grenadier Co., flag NA
Activo Battallon de Tres Villas 1835-1836, Infantry NA
Mexican Regular Cavalry 1835-1836, Lancers NA
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana with flagbearer NA
Texas Rangers    
Williams Rangers, Major Robert McAlpin Williams 1836, "Three Legged Willie" NA
Los Diablos Tejanos (Texan Devils) 1847, Captain Ben McCulloch NA
Hays' Rangers 1848, Col. John C. "Jack" Hays NA
Canadian River Campaign 1858, Captain John S. "Rip" Ford, Iron Jacket $90
McNelly's Rangers 1876, Captain Leander H. McNelly NA
Frontier Battalion 1880, Major John B. Jones NA
Indian Wars    
4th U.S. Infantry Regiment, Seminole Wars 1836-1842 $160
U.S. Cavalry, 1st Regiment of Dragoons, Seminole Wars 1836-1842 $130
U.S. Marines, Seminole Wars 1836-1842 $130
U.S. Navy, Seminole Wars 1836-1842 NA
U.S. Militia, Seminole Wars 1836-1842, Irish Vol., S.C. Regt., (Brisbanes) $130
Edgefield Blues, Brisbanes Regiment, Seminole Wars 1836-1842 $130
Seminole Warriors 1835-1842 $195
4th U.S. Cavalry, Arizona, Apache Campaign 1873-1881, with Gen. G. Crook $310
Chiricahua Apaches, Arizona 1873-1881, mounted, with Geronimo $190
Chiricahua Apaches, Arizona Edition B, 6 warriors NA
7th U.S. Cavalry, Little Big Horn 1876, with Lt. Col. Custer $390
Warriors at the Little Big Horn 1876, with Crazy Horse $370
7th U.S. Cavalry, Little Big Horn, Reno's Hill 1876, with Reno and Bloody Knife $295
Warriors at the Little Big Horn, Reno's Hill 1876, 6 warriors, one mounted (Scabby) $225
10th U.S. Cavalry, Buffalo Soldiers 1874, Elk Creek NA

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